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Agile Project Manager including Agile Scrum Master

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SSD Global is an Eligible Training Provider for Colorado Workforce Development find our classes on the EPTL.

Simple, Smart Decision-Making, Inc.

SSD Global Solutions

SSD Global Solutions specializes in Simple, Smart Decision-Making–Making Tools by using our Leaner Six Sigma (LrSS)® training methodology. LrSS allows students who are interested in certification as a Lean Six Sigma practitioner or as a Lean and Agile  Project Manager a faster and easier path to certification.

From Our Founder

A Message from Our CEO

Terra Vanzant Stern, PhD
Author of The Paradox of Corporate Darwinism: Why the Fittest Don’t Always Succeed in Corporate America

One of the unfortunate economic consequences of the COVID pandemic is the loss of On-The-Job training (OJT).  For organizations, OJT increases productivity and helps to identify future leaders. For employees, OJT creates an environment to learn critical thinking proficiencies specific to the profession. The process of OJT is often the fastest way to absorb essential factors necessary for job success.

At Simple, Smart Decision-Making Inc. (SSD), the goal is to design training that emulates the OJT experience. Our workshops in Project Management, Process Improvement and Design Thinking all include practicums related to the employee’s job responsibilities that benefit the employer in real time. Our consulting services, in these same areas, support a collaborative approach that appreciates individual competencies and subject matter expertise. Our accelerated approach allows employees to apply the tools to make things better, faster, and more cost-effective immediately.

At SSD we believe employers should not have to settle for anything less than incredible results. Therefore, we take the time to help our students understand the importance of ROI as well as how to articulate and document the Return on Investment.
Terra Vanzant Stern, CEO
303 575-1265

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