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Home of Leaner Six Sigma (LrSS), Leaner Manufacturing, and Lean and Agile Project Management (LAPM) 

We Believe Strongly in the Art of Elegant Problem-Solving!

SSD Global Solutions specializes in Simple, Smart Decision-Making–Making Tools by using our Leaner Six Sigma (LrSS)™ training methodology. LrSS allows students who are interested in certification as a Lean Six Sigma practitioner a faster and easier path to becoming a Lean Six Sigma Yellow, Green, Black or Master Black Belt.  And the concepts may be applied to Project Management as well. Another advantage of our Leaner program is that the concepts and constructs can be immediately applied to make any process or activity better, faster, or more cost-effective even before the student is has left the classroom!

Our classes can be delivered at your company or online LIVE in real time. We also offer public classes and train-the-trainer opportunities. We teach you to be the consultant and how to fix your own problems moving forward.

We provide executive-level Critical/Creative Problem-Solving Workshops as well as Leadership and Organizational Development C-Suite workshops.

SSD Global employs only the best and most seasoned professionals who offer stellar reputations and references.

SSD Global Solutions has worked with some of the largest utility and nuclear companies in the U.S., such as Southern California Edison (SCE), South Texas Project (STP) and Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA) where our training programs have resulted in millions in documented ROI that we will happily share with potential clients or students.

Retail/Grocer experience includes Wal-Mart Bentonville Corporate Offices and Ahold, the holding company for Giant Grocery Stores and Stop N Shop. Other retail experience includes Safeway. Insurance companies include Blue Cross/Blue Shield and Fidelity.

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