Who do I email with questions?

If you have been assigned a post instructor direct all of your questions to them. Prior to being assigned a post instructor, contact kbartlett@ssdglobal.net.

Where are my homework assignments?

They are located on our student portal, your login information to that page will be emailed to you the Monday after class.

What types of credit am I eligible for after being certified?
Graduate and undergraduate college credit, PMI PDUs, ASQ RUs, CPA CEUs, and HRCI (SHRM).
How do I collect these credits?
Undergraduate college credit may be collected through Baker University. Graduate level college credit instructions are located on the SSD Global website along with step-by-step instructions for credit for PMI, ASQ, and HRCI.
Will I receive a completion certificate after my workshop training?
No, Certificated are only issued after all certification requirements are completed.
When is the post instructor assigned?
After you successfully complete the exam.
How will my post instructor communicate with me?
Via email – phone calls are not permitted.
What if I find myself running out of time to become certified?
You may apply for an incomplete status, which has a limitation of 6 calendar months in length if you have one approved project charter. Contact Margi White for details. Margi.White@ssdglobal.net
Can I get an extension on my program?
Extensions can only be granted for a maximum of one week.
What are the requirements of a project?
The purpose of this certification program is to select an appropriate process improvement project. It must be completed and implemented within the certification timeframe. It must provide a return on investment.
Can a Project be a group effort?
Projects must be done individually.
Will a project be provided?

Students are encouraged to find their own projects in their current orginization. Many organizations have projects that have little or no funding and would welcome volunteer help. Examples include non-profits, volunteer organizations, school districts and PTA, trade associations, small governmental entities, and religious organizations.

What if the project contains confidential data?
The document should be marked confidential and the receiving organization will adhere to that confidentiality.
Can I do a fictious project?
No, as projects are subject to audit.
What are the certification requirements for a Green Belt?
3 days of workshop training, 5 homework assignments, exam, one approved project charter and one approved project.
How long do I have to become certified as a Green Belt?
Students have 3 months to become certified as a Lean Six Sigma Green Belt.
What are the certification requirements for a Black Belt?
5 days of workshop training; 5 homework assignments, exam, two approved project charters, two approved projects, and a Lean Six Sigma white paper.
If I already have a green belt certification must I attend all five days of class and complete all Black Belt certification requirements?
How long do I have to become certified as a Black Belt?
With our accelerated approach to Lean Six Sigma, our students have 4 months to become certified as a Black Belt.
Who is my administrative contact if I have a question about my program?
Margi White at Margi.White@ssdglobal.net