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New Project Management Certification: Lean and Agile Project Manager – LAPM®

Be a Subject Matter Expert in Project Management

At one time, projects were simply managed, by rote. Project Managers could count on standards and repetition. There was a solid roadmap with few inconvenient detours. It was all about building a plan and then following that plan precisely.

Good or bad, the business landscape changed, and our values transformed. We are dealing with challenges never seen before in previous decades. Projects are more complex. Security is a bigger issue and employee safety concerns impact everyone.

Traditional project management is still relevant and useful. However, a good project manager is aware of additional project management methods – practices that might be more relevant to the specific assignment.

This workshop, based on the book Lean and Agile Project Management: How to Make Any Project Better, Faster and More Cost-Effective by Terra Vanzant Stern, PhD, provides a total understanding of the synergies and differences within project management methodology. We believe “how” a project is managed is just as important as “what” the project is trying to accomplish

Increase your personal PM capabilities as well as your industry credibility by understanding the variety of project management methodologies available. This program focuses on the three most popular PM methods: Traditional, Lean, and Agile. However, the instructor briefly explains other existing PM methods.

Workshop Highlights:

  • Learn Simplified Math/Statistics and PM Formulas that will Increase your Project Success;
  • Absorb Lean Project Management Concepts and Tools; that will Help with People and Process Management
  • Acquire Agile Project Management and Scrum Techniques; that will Provide a Different Perspective on Handling Projects
  • Refresh Your Knowledge in Basic Project Management; that May Also be Used as a Comprehensive Introduction

Workshop Objectives:

  • Get Certified as an LAPM! A New Inclusive Approach to Managing Projects
  • Demonstrate Your Knowledge of the Various Critical Thinking and Problem-Solving Methods used in Project Management (PM) by Understanding Multiple Methodologies
  • Be Able to Determine Which is the Best PM Method to Use Based on the Specific Project You are Completing
  • Know When to Borrow Tools from other PM Toolboxes to Increase the Success of Your Project

The LAPM® Program Involves Three Phases:

Phase I – 2.5 Day Workshop on Zoom – Dates/ Times Below

Phase II – Prepare a Lean and Agile Project with the Help of an Online Mentor. Self-Paced

Phase III – Online Practice Exam, Online Exam

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