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Lean Six Sigma Black Belt

Our accelerated workshops allow students to complete their certification faster than traditional programs because of our Leaner Six Sigma (LrSS)® approach.

Lean Six Sigma (LSS) is a methodology used since the late 1990s to make processes better, faster, and more cost-effective. Although a successful method, there were frequent complaints that the program was over-complicated and took too long to implement.

Our Leaner Six Sigma (LrSS)® approach uses the same concepts but simplifies the math and statistics. LrSS® also makes the problem-solving and critical thinking models easier to use and understand.

Any Lean or Six Sigma certification as a LSS Green Belt or Six Sigma Green Belt will qualify you to attend this class. This is true even if your certification was an internal one. You may also qualify to enter this class if you have a PMP®, a QE or have been in charge of Project Management.

If you wish to enroll in the LSS Black Belt workshop but did not achieve your LSS Green Belt, there may still be a workaround. Please see *NOTE below.


Our Lean Six Sigma Black Belt certification has Three Phases:

  • Phase I is the Zoom Workshop (5) Days (See dates/times below)
  • Phase II is a Series of Online Assignments Designed to Help Students Pass the Online Test Included in this Phase.
    * NOTE: if you do not have proof of your LSS Green Belt or documented experience with the DMAIC model just plan to spend a little more time in this phase. Although this phase is self-paced, and also online so you have 24/7 access, we want you to complete as quickly as possible as it reinforces Phase I.
  • Phase III involves choosing and completing two (2) LSS projects with the help of an online mentor. Phase III also requires a mentoring project (online), writing a publishable article and recording a professional presentation. Your Mentor will guide you through this process.
    • Students may request a review of a previous LSS project to satisfy one of the two LSS projects required in this phase
    • Published students or students who have authored a book related to project management, leadership or process improvement may request a waiver on this requirement


Workshop Highlights

  • Comprehensive understanding/refresher of Lean Six Sigma Terms and Concepts.
    • This is a valuable presentation especially if your concentration has been on only Six Sigma or Lean
  • Understanding a Quicker and Easier Approach to the DMAIC
  • Additional Problem-Solving and Critical Thinking Skills Recently Recognized by Lean Six Sigma
  • Statistical Process Control -Introduction/Refresher
  • Lean Six Sigma Tools Made Easier and More Applicable to Today’s Changing Workplace
  • The New Lean Six Sigma Roles and Responsibilities
  • Innovative Strategies Considered in Strategic Thinking and Return-on-Investment

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Lean Six Sigma Black Belt

May 13-17, 2024

8:30 AM MST | Live Online Training Via Zoom

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Lean Six Sigma Black Belt

August 19-23, 2024

8:30 AM MST | Live Online Training Via Zoom

Contact Margi.White@SSDGlobal.net for registration information.

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