Agile Project Manager/Agile Scrum Master with an Emphasis in Leadership and Team Building.

Agile Project Manager/Agile Scrum Master

Get Certified as an APM or ASM Fast!

Our 2-Day Agile workshop covers both Agile Project Management and Agile Scrum Techniques, so you get to decide, after passing the exam, which certification is the best for you! Choose APM or ASM. Most students take and pass our online exam the day after class.

Agile Project Management has enjoyed a successful history in software development since the 1980s. In our last decade, Agile became a popular management program in all departments and industries. Beginning in 2020, Agile evolved even more and started embracing additional tools.

Now, Agile Project Management is about planning, leading, organizing, and motivating teams to do the best job possible. The Agile Project Manager often uses Scrum as a method to accomplish this, so it is important to understand all facets of Scrum. However, the Agile Project Manager may also use other options, covered in this workshop.

Agile is about increased focus and concentration on the needs of the customer. It is about flexibility and better control of projects. It is also about faster turn-around. More importantly, it is a people-centric program that promotes harmony and well-being in the workplace.

Our program includes an additional layer that is unique to other educational entities as we include a leadership and team-building component to support student success.

Workshop Highlights:

  • Study and Understand the Core Beliefs of Agile
  • Use Agile Terminology Correctly
  • Conduct a Project Using Scrum Methodology
  • Learn Alternative Ways to Manage and Estimate the Time and Cost of a Project/Project Components
  • Manage and Document the Flow of Requirements from Vision to Reality

Workshop Objectives:

  • Get Certified as an Agile Project Manager (APM) or Agile Scrum Master (ASM)
  • Articulate Your Knowledge of Agile on a Resume or Job Interview
  • Be Able to Explain the Benefits of Agile to Your Manager and Team
  • Know When to Borrow Tools from other PM Toolboxes to Increase the Success of Your Project


Our Agile Program Only Requires Two Steps:

Step One – Attend the 2-Day Zoom Workshop Dates/Times Below

Step Two – Study and Pass the Online, Industry Standard Open Book Exam

Upcoming Classes:

Agile Project Manager

June 24-25, 2024
LIVE on Zoom
8:30-3:30 MST (Two Day)

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