I am often asked what makes SSD Global Solutions’ Leaner Six Sigma (LrSS©) different from the many Lean Six Sigma programs available today.  This has been an easy question to answer!  We honored the Voice of the Customer.  Then, we implemented the suggestions they made.  As a result, we simplified the statistics, made the concepts less difficult to understand and cut out all the unnecessary jargon.

In addition, as part of the program, we started providing forms and templates that allow students to effortlessly duplicate what they learned in class.  This method facilitates immediate application of knowledge to real projects or process improvements.

We ultimately trust in the student’s subject matter expertise and respect their knowledge base.  We believe you know your environment much better than we do!  Our goal is to align your irreplaceable abilities and past experiences with our LrSS toolkit.  This allows each individual to become better, faster and more cost-effective in their current situation and future endeavors.

But, the most valuable offering we support is that the tools and methodology promoted in our packages are framed in a way that can be applied to business as well as personal life.  In our fast-paced and busy world, we can all use a little help increasing our critical thinking skills and problem-solving capabilities.

SSD Global Solutions also recognizes the new science of mindfulness and believes that sometimes we must restore and stabilize before making an improvement.  We appreciate the current state and explore root causes and solutions. Our students adopt and start using these concepts instantaneously.

Leaner Six Sigma© is not just a workshop to become certified in Lean Six Sigma. LrSS It is a learning experience that can provide a road map to accomplish unspoken dreams and achieve buy-in from even the most unlikely supporter.


TerraTerra Vanzant Stern, PhD. PMP, SPHR/GPHR

Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belt

Principal, SSD Global Solutions, Inc.