High Velocity Thinking

Tools for Rapid Reasoning that lead to Optimal Solutions

Most organizations care deeply about the quality of their decisions. But in today’s ever-changing world that is not enough. Increasingly, it is the speed with which your organization makes good quality decisions and then implements and evolves them that sets you apart from your competitors.

Strategic, consequential decisions can and often should be made using a high-velocity, high-quality decision-making process. High-velocity decision making is a new label for a familiar idea. Use streamlined, rapid decision processes focused on issues, yet make sure the processes are thoughtful and goal-oriented.

Whether you’re deciding what to eat for breakfast, whether to offer a new product or service, or whether you should start a new company, making decisions requires critical thinking, evidence, and experience. Mastering the relationship between time, accuracy, and quality can help you make quicker decisions without sacrificing quality. Here at Our Workshop, your will learn data-driven tactics to improve your decision-making velocity.

Facilitated by Dr. Terra Vanzant Stern, author of Lean and Agile Project Management® and Leaner Six Sigma.

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