Introduction to SPC (Statistical Process Control) and Process Capability

November 10th, 2020 8:30 – 3:30 MST

Introductory Price: $495.00

This workshop will build understanding of SPC concepts and Process Capability. SPC is used to monitor and improve the output of a process by assessing the stability of the process and the type of variation that is present. Process Capability tells us how well we are meeting customer requirements. These two concepts combined can lead to improve our processes, delight our customers, and reduce cost.

Workshop Highlights Include:

  • Review of basic concepts of statistics
  • Types of data sets and variation
  • Understanding normal and special cause variation
  • Develop SPC Charts for discrete variables p, np, c, u charts
  • Develop SPC charts for continuous variables X bar R and I MR charts.
  • How to interpret SPC charts
  • Process Capability and determining Sigma Levels
  • Understanding Cp and Cpk values

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