Have you ever wondered why a great company like Nokia, who once single handedly dominated the mobile phone industry, lost almost all of its market share to its competitors? Yes, the company had failed to foresee the future and invested in a project that couldn’t handle the consumers’ expectations properly.

Not only Nokia, but also companies like Sony, Pepsi, Coca-Cola, and McDonalds have stories of project management failure that cost the companies millions of dollars.

In simple word project management can make or break a company. Today I’ll share two most effective methods of project management that is used by large corporations to manage their projects properly and precisely.

But first, here is Project Management 101…

Project management is the sector where lots of businesses struggle today. You could have a fantastic product or service to give, but if it’s not managed well at each step, it may result in disastrous and frequently unsatisfactory results for the business. Poor management results in wastage of resources and reduces the value of your offering for your client. Your ability to make timely decisions may also hugely affect various projects being worked on by your organization.

Two types of project management are most common, LEAN project management and Agile project management.

LEAN is a management system which focuses on enhancing the general quality of how a company functions. It will help reduce wastage of resources and time while enhancing the standard of the item or service and providing better value for money on the end client.

Agile management process is a procedure where each job is handled and implemented in small parts. The intention of the system is to make better decisions and resolve problems more efficiently without wastage of resources and time. 

Many experts believe both of these project management methods are comparable. They’re, nevertheless, very different in how they operate and are applied to several facets of a company.

  1. LEAN methodology originated in the production industry, while Agile methodology invented by software developers.
  2. LEAN management is a long-term process enhancement system for a business, while Agile management is employed for fast decision making in different projects.
  3. LEAN methodology oversees the total work of a company, also applies to all aspects of management to receive a more efficient and powerful general procedure. Agile methodology concentrates on creating great fast decisions and solving problems in the very best way possible at the least possible time.

So many positive sides for both of them. Perplexing situation, right? But worry not, my friend. Here we are to help you decide what project management practice you should adopt for your business and why you should choose it. Introducing Lean & Agile Project Management with SCRUM, a certification program that guarantees no more trial and error method in finding the best project management practices. Here are some glimpse of what you’ll learn from the training;

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All these qualities and knowledge will surely impress the management and your competitors with perfect selection of tools and precise decision making qualities.

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