Project Management Basics

Learn the basics of managing a project along with the various certification options available.

Proper management of a project can help to ensure costs do not spiral beyond budget, that work is completed on time and of the right quality. Project management can keep things clear and efficient, and reduce threats to your business or project. It is essential in helping any business grow and is expected by many organizations when tendering for work.

Project management can bring many benefits to a business. Good project management should:

  • reduce the chance of a project failing
  • ensure a minimum level of quality and that results meet requirements and expectations
  • free up other staff members to get on with their area of work and increase efficiency both on the project and within the business
  • make things simpler and easier with a single point of contact running the overall project
  • encourage consistent communications amongst staff and suppliers
  • keep costs, timeframes, and resources to budget

What You Will Learn

  • Understand the traditional project management tools, how to apply concepts immediately, and how to quickly determine cost and time baselines for your project.
  • Understand the differences and similarities concerning construction project management, retail project management, healthcare project management as well as general project management.
  • Learn how project managers track activities and results

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