Our Students 

Terra was my instructor for my Lean Six Sigma Green Belt training which through her encouragement turned into performing two Black Belt Projects and certification as a Black Belt. She has encouraged me to communicate/share by expertise in the leadership area, which has recently included a presentation for upcoming Rocky Mountain Quality Conference (RMQC). Her sharing of knowledge and expertise in Lean area has greatly expanded my understanding and use of this valuable skill. I am indebted to her for that opportunity.

William Castle

LSS Black Belt

Dr. Stern is an amazing Lean Six Sigma practitioner, instructor and advocate. Dr. Stern’s passion for the work and ability to teach others is extraordinary. I participated in her LSS Green Belt class several years ago and have just recently accomplished my LSS Black Belt certification all while working a full time job. I truly believe I would not have accomplished my LSS certifications without the training, mentoring, and partnership from Dr. Stern and her Team. Thank you so much Dr. Stern and SSD Team! 🙂

Elyse Khanbabian

LSS Black Belt

I have been fortunate to be a student for two programs provided by SSD Global with Dr. Terra Stern as my instructor. I obtained my Lean Six Sigma Green Belt in February 2013 and enrolled in the Leaner Six Sigma Black Belt program in April 2017. Having known Dr. Stern as a student for several years, I can say without hesitation that she is not only an expert in Six Sigma but she is truly passionate about process improvement. Her passion really shines through and is magnetic for all of her students. Dr. Stern goes beyond the surface level of DMAIC and provides invaluable soft skills that I have been able to apply not only to improvement projects but also to my work/life balance. I really enjoy her interactive approach to teaching and the different milestones of the program. It is one thing to read a book or sit through a lecture about a topic and another to be engaged and involved. Thankfully, Dr. Stern has the best approach and gets everyone engaged and involved so students are truly learning and becoming experts in Six Sigma. The program doesn’t just end at the classroom level but it continues to develop your knowledge through homework, testing, and project submissions. I wholeheartedly recommend Dr. Stern to anyone who needs guidance or more information about Six Sigma. If you enroll in one of her classes or programs you will not be disappointed.

Sabrina Abla

I’ve worked on and off with Terra for over 15 years. I love the way she teaches her courses using the conversational technique. She is an enthusiastic facilitator that is truly concerned with her student’s success

Margi White

I participated in Dr. Stern’s first webinar on Lean Negotiations. Wow! Even though it is new ground for us a lot of people leaned how to make their personal negotiations, better, faster and more cost effective.

Alexandra Ramsey

I took Dr. Stern’s Lean Six Sigma Black Belt class remotely from Egypt. She is amazing and excellent. The course was great, I benefited a lot and I highly recommend Dr. Stern.

Rawia Mokhtar PhD

I wish to express sincere gratitude to Dr. Terra Vanzant Stern. I first met her as a remote student training for my Lean Six Sigma Greenbelt Certification. Not only did she explain how to improve projects and processes but during the course she shared tools that I can carry with me and apply to my personal life. I later had an opportunity to host training shows with her. She may not of even realized I was still learning from her. As an instructor myself I was able to watch and learn her presentation style. It was a pleasure learning and working with her!

Cherokee Boose

I recently completed the Lean and Agile Project Management (LAPM) certification. Dr. Stern and her staff have created a superior program for those interested in combining Lean principles, Agile principles, and traditional project management principles. She has an easy to understand teaching style which is very effective with students in both traditional classroom settings as well as on-line seminar settings.

Lamont Rogers, PMP