This student area is divided into 3 Sections;

  1. Section One: The Textbook (Textbook Information)
  2. Section Two: Homework and Exam Information (Lean Six Sigma and LAPM)
  3. Section Three: Student Resources (Student Examples of Completed Work, Useful Templates, Student Requirements, Binding Instructions)
The Textbook for the courses listed on this page is Leaner Six Sigma: How to make Lean Six Sigma Even Leaner, by Terra Vanzant-Stern, PhD., PMP, SPHR/GPHR. An electronic copy is available for download below. The Kindle Copy of this book is available at

Leaner Six Sigma: How to Make Lean Six Sigma Even Leaner

Once you download or purchase your textbook continue to the tabs below, organized by class. The tabs are divided into two sections:

  1. Homework Assignments (Some Programs Do Not Require Homework)
  2. Exam Section (Study Notes, Practice Exam, Exams)

Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Homework:

Helpful Calculators:

Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Exam Study Guide:

Several of our programs require exams. Please be sure to read the study notes for your exam and take the practice test. You will be provided with a password to take the actual exam.

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Templates for Lean and Agile Project Management


Lean and Agile Project Management Exam Information

Please use password LAPM12 (case sensitive) to login to the LAPM-1 Practice Test

LAPM Level 1 Exam

Please request the password for the Lean and Agile Project Management Level One Exam from Alexandra Ramsey (

LAPM On-line Live Students (No Charge)*

US Active Military or Veterans  $159.00

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Ad Hoc/University Students $349.00

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LAPM Level One Exam

Additional Information:

Basic Agile terms will be included in the exam.  If you need a refresher watch this video from our friends at  Then we will call it Agile Basic Terms Refresher with this link:

Review Materials (Non-Certified Project Managers) 

Video 1- Agile Basics

Basic Project Management Terms

LAPM Certification Level One Exam Review

You’ll find all the templates tools and presentations below for your program. You can also familiarize yourself with our Student Program Requirements (Green Belt and Black Belt).
Student Note: If you are an on-line student, presentations will appear and disappear from this section upon sign-in. Always check the code number given to you by your instructor. For instructor-led students examples of various on-line presentations will appear here, from time-to-time to give you an example of the online program or if your instructor believes you will benefit from a particular on-line session. Do not be alarmed if this section is blank


RMQC Presentations:

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